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Whether it's working to improve education, championing affordable healthcare, or promoting sustainable economic growth, Ashley's commitment to finding practical solutions is evident in her every action. Her accessibility and willingness to listen to the concerns of community further reinforce her dedication to being an effective voice for District 35. Ashley's unwavering commitment to her home district ensures that the community's interests and values are well-represented at the state level.


Ashley speaks up for marginalized voices, challenging the status quo, and fighting for equity and justice. Ashley's courage to take a stand on difficult matters demonstrates her resolute dedication to creating a better future for everyone in Utah State House District 35, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps and strive for positive change. She fearlessly tackles tough issues in the face of adversity, and refuses to back down from advocating for the best interests of the community.
Ashley believes that equitable access to education is the key to building a thriving community. She will prioritize funding for public schools and support initiatives that improve student outcomes, regardless of household income or zip code. To that end, it will be a priority to increase funding for public schools and support teachers and staff and is dedicated to teacher recruitment and retention to ensure every student has access to high-quality instruction. Additionally, Ashley will advocate for policies that promote innovation in education, such as increased access to career and technical education, and expanding early education programs.
Ashley Liewer believes that everyone has the right to access quality healthcare. She supports policies that increase access to healthcare and reduce healthcare costs. She also believes in healthcare freedom, allowing individuals to make their own healthcare decisions without government interference. 


With a deep understanding of the unique needs of her constituents, Ashley has dedicated herself to serving them wholeheartedly. Ashley's approach is characterized by inclusivity, transparency, and a genuine desire to foster positive change. She will tirelessly advocate for policies that prioritize the well-being and prosperity of the district, striving to create an environment where every person has equal opportunities to thrive. Ashley's commitment to the people of House District 35 is a testament to her integrity, dedication, and passion for making a meaningful difference in their lives.
Ashley Liewer recognizes that public safety and criminal justice reform go hand in hand. She will work to reform the criminal justice system to reduce mass incarceration, particularly for nonviolent offenses. She supports policies that promote community policing and will work with stakeholders, community leaders, and police departments to address systemic issues within law enforcement.
Ashley Liewer is ready to answer the call for housing security for all community members. She believes that everyone deserves safe and affordable housing, and she will work to increase funding for affordable housing programs and advocate for policies that protect renters' rights. She understands that housing security is critical to achieving health equity and economic prosperity.


 Ashley's compassionate approach ensures that she listens attentively, advocates for marginalized voices, and works tirelessly to create inclusive policies that uplift and support the most vulnerable members of her community. Her unwavering dedication to compassion in local government paves the way for a more equitable and caring society.
Ashley will work to reduce air pollution in Utah, particularly in communities that are disproportionately impacted by pollution. She supports transitioning to clean energy sources and incentivizing businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. She will also be a strong advocate for saving our Great Salt Lake. 
Ashley Liewer is ready to answer the call for accessible mental health and substance use disorder treatment for all community members. She believes that everyone should have access to these critical services, regardless of their circumstances or income level. She will advocate for increased funding for mental health and substance use disorder treatment programs and support the decriminalization of substance use disorder.
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