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"I have a passion for serving the underrepresented. I have worked in and around healthcare for 15 years as a part-time firefighter/paramedic, ER tech, and healthcare consultant. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety - especially getting guns off the streets, a top priority. I do not want to stand by and watch anymore. I want to stand up and make a change for the unseen and the unheard. Together we can make sure the government works for all of us, not just the few.
Public Health


As a medical professional, Ashley is dedicated to compassionate and equitable access to health services. She is an advocate for mental health and substance use disorder treatment.



Ashley will:

  • Ensure tax dollars are used efficiently for county resources

  • Protect and expand harm reduction programs

  • Find innovative approaches to access to public health



Housing security is critical social determinant of health in our community. We must ensure access to truly affordable housing and housing security if we want our community to continue to thrive and grow.


Ashley will:

  • Find creative and safe solutions for transitional housing

  • Repurpose county-owned properties for innovative solutions

  • Ensure that county-owned housing is affordable and accessible



We must be good stewards for our environment. Cleaning up our air and water are critical, but we can and should be doing more to protect Utah as a safe and beautiful place to live.




Ashley will:

  • Ensure new county-owned development is carbon neutral

  • Increase in green solutions and green spaces

  • Extend free and reduced fares for public transit

Good Government 


We deserve a government that looks out for all of us, not just those with means. The role of government should be to do good and create a society that is fair and equal. 


Ashley will:

  • Be responsive to the community, because she represents you.

  • Not waste government resources on outdated policy ideas. 

  • Hold power accountable, and ensure transparency. 

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